Lambing 2014

January 2014

The ewes were crutched early in January in preparation for lambing in early March. I have limited my breeding ewes because I am training for an over-50’s dragon boat team which is going to Italy in late August. I’m not sure how I will balance my time off the farm, but I am going to do my best for my sheep and my team.

February 2014
I vaccinated the ewes and have been busy preparing the barn to accomodate the ewes and their lambs. We have had some extended cold weather and I hope that the parasite eggs on the fields have not survived the winter, not usually here. A camera was also purchased and installed in the lambing barn so that I can view things from the kitchen and not have to go out to the barn so often. That’s the plan anyway!

Ewes in the maternity paddock 2013

Ewes in the maternity paddock 2013

March 2014
Lambing got started with a set of triplets. Now with 10 of the 19 ewes lambed out I have 21 lambs produced. Most seem to be ewe lambs rather than ram lambs. But that could change with the later lambs. The lambs look really healthy. No problems at all and everybody is doing well.

This year I have also purchased a second-hand Gallagher TSI reader and software to track the flock through their RFID ear tags. Not sure how this will work but I am trying to keep up with technology.

April 2014
Still waiting for one last ewe, but so far from the other 18 I got 38 lambs. There are 4 sets of triplets, a record for me. Two singles and all the rest are twins. There are 2 ewe lambs for every ram lamb, unusual but not a bad thing. All the triplets are nursing soley from the ewe with one exception. Always have to have a bottle baby!
The spring grass is just coming on now in good time for the lambs to get out with mums in some nice weather.
Shearing is scheduled for this weekend. It’s always a big day.

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