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We are located in Langley's Glen Valley.

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Lambing 2015

2015 Good-looking group of 3-4 week old lambs

2015 Good-looking group of 3-4 week old lambs

Triplets born March 28th

Triplets born March 28th


One of the quads


Out on a nice spring day

Out on a nice spring day

April 2015

I think that’s it, unless there is one more ewe to go.  My old ram seems to have missed a few of his girls.  But of the 14 ewes that lambed we got 31 lambs, a set of quads (only 2 survived birth) and 3 sets of triplets.  About 50% rams 50% ewes.  Everybody looks pretty nice and no ewes with issues.

February has been an unusual month here.  Warm temperatures and everything is about one month ahead of schedule.  I’ve been able to get a lot of field prep done and I’m all ready to start lambing in the first week of March.  The ewes are in very good shape.  It doesn’t look like any of the ewe lambs are pregnant but I guess that is pretty much to be expected since I pulled the rams out by late November.

Lambing 2014

January 2014

The ewes were crutched early in January in preparation for lambing in early March. I have limited my breeding ewes because I am training for an over-50’s dragon boat team which is going to Italy in late August. I’m not sure how I will balance my time off the farm, but I am going to do my best for my sheep and my team.

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